GrandSumo is a product wholly formulated and owned by Flowerfish.com and distributed by Pristine Distributions (KL) Sdn Bhd (an associated company to Flowerfish.com). The Flowerfish.com story began in mid-August 2001 when its founder stumbled upon a magnificent Flower Horn Fish in a small fish shop. What started out as a mere hobby eventually became one of the boldest business venture he ever embarked. The result of this is a Flower Horn Fish Resource Center with a total combined retail space of more than 4000 square feet and a breeding farm dedicated to the Flower Horn Fish covering an area of over 2 acres, making it one of the biggest and most advanced in the region.
GrandSumo originated from the extensive R&D efforts by Flowerfish.com over the years during their own in-house breeding program. The results were simply so effective and exciting that we have decided to share it with the world. It is high in marine proteins, rich in Omega 3 and 6 HUFA and is power packed with vitamins and trace minerals. It is formulated to allow a high rate of protein and good amino acid absorption, thus producing less feces output. This high density floating pellets do not cloud water and makes tank maintenance much easier. GrandSumo is another testimony to Flowerfish.com’s dedication and commitment towards producing world class standards of products and fishes.
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GrandSumo is a 100% natural ingredient staple food for the Flower Horn Fish and the cichlid family. The specially selected contents are formulated to provide your fish with the natural goodness to promote healtier growth, larger humps, higher resistance to sickness, shinier coat and it also brings out the natural colours of the fish. Your fish will also breed a much larger spawn and have a higher fertilization rate. All these, without the use of artificial coloring, ingredients or hormones!
GrandSumo has also been very proactive towards its goal to help build the hobby of fish rearing around the world. It has been the major sponsor of forums and many international fish competitions and shows. Lately it has just embarked on a charitable program called “The GrandSumo Charity Champaign” in the Philippines by sponsoring hundreds of baby fishes to the less fortunate hobbyists in Manila.

Today, GrandSumo is one of the best selling staple food for the Flower Horn Fishes and cichlids in many parts of the world. The hobbyists love it, the breeders love it and most importantly, your fish love it too!

All The Flowerhorns In Our Farm Eat ONLY Grand Sumo Fish Food.

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