Proteins, proteins, proteins….good and bad!

Contrary to common beliefs, research shows that warm-blooded animal proteins such as beefheart cannot be digested easily and stays very long in the fishes’ stomachs and intestinal tract. This undigested foods will rot and cause parasite and bacterial infections in the fishes internal organs. Undigested proteins will pass out as feces and ammonia, fouling up the water, and poisoning your fish! Belief it or not, fish/marine proteins are the best source of proteins for cichlids because they are naturally and easily digested and it do not create much problems. BTW, in the wild, do cichlids eat anything at all from any warm-blooded animals? Just a thought…

The nutritional values of proteins will not be properly utilized if it cannot be naturally digested (such as beefheart) or if there is a lack of essential amino acids. Therefor, the best food for your fish must be rich in digestible proteins and has all the essential amino acids to synthesise them.


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Foods With Artificial Colorant

Fishes get their colors from pigment cells. Xanthophyll pigments are yellow, Melanin pigments are black and/or brown, Carotenoids are orange and/or red, Phycocyanin is blue. Fishes cannot produce some pigments such as carotenoids and xanthophylls, therefore it must come from their diet.

The common practice of fish food manufacturer is to lace the foods with artificial colorant or dye especially of the red kind. Once consumed by the fish, it will take the place of carotenoid pigments in the cells beneath the scales, thus displaying the red color. This artificial dye will wreck havoc to the endocrine and nervous system, both that influence coloration in fish. Because of this, the production of certain pigments such as melanin goes hay-wire and black and/or brown pigments will show up at the tail or some parts of the fishes’ body, making the fish look “dirty”.


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Why is Grand Sumo unique compared to other foods?

Natural growth enhancer.

GrandSumo is made from the freshest and highest quality, 100% natural white fish meat from the cold water variety such as salmon, cod, herring and tuna. It is rich in the right proteins (fish proteins 48%) and has a balance of all the essential amino acids for easy and natural synthesis. It is designed for maximum protein absorption for faster and proper growth, thicker bodies and bigger-sized fish. (Bigger nuchal hump for flowerhorns too!)

Rich in Omega 3 and 6 HUFA

The high Omega 3 and 6 content acts as an immune booster, making your fish much healthier and livelier. For breeders, it acts as a reproductive enhancer! Your fish will breed a much larger spawn and have higher fertilization rate. The hatch rate is extremely enhanced producing healthy fries. The spawning cycle is also shortened tremendously.

High absorption rate, less feces output

This high protein and good amino acid profile formula makes your fishes absorb all the proper nutrition, vitamins and trace elements and produce very little feces output. Its hi-density floating pellets do not cloud water and makes tank maintenance much easier.


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