Proteins, proteins, proteins….good and bad!

Contrary to common beliefs, research shows that warm-blooded animal proteins such as beefheart cannot be digested easily and stays very long in the fishes’ stomachs and intestinal tract. This undigested foods will rot and cause parasite and bacterial infections in the fishes internal organs. Undigested proteins will pass out as feces and ammonia, fouling up the water, and poisoning your fish! Belief it or not, fish/marine proteins are the best source of proteins for cichlids because they are naturally and easily digested and it do not create much problems. BTW, in the wild, do cichlids eat anything at all from any warm-blooded animals? Just a thought…

The nutritional values of proteins will not be properly utilized if it cannot be naturally digested (such as beefheart) or if there is a lack of essential amino acids. Therefor, the best food for your fish must be rich in digestible proteins and has all the essential amino acids to synthesise them.


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Grand Sumo RED

  Special hi-Astaxanthin and Spirulina-rich floating pellets for enhancing colors of Flower Horn Fish and other large cichlids. This natural blend of fresh seafood mix provides an excellent source of…

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