How to differenciate the original and the imitation of Grand Sumo fish food?

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1. The original Grand Sumo is well shrink-wrapped.

Original Grand Sumo with neat shrink wrapped seal on top of the bottle.Original Grand Sumo with open seal at the bottom of the bottle.

Imitation with open seal on top of the bottle.

Low quality plastic seal can be seen at the bottom of the bottle.

2. The Grand Sumo Red is now with new formula.

3. The label is laminated and the color of the label is brighter.

4. There is a hologram sticker on the shrink-wrap for each of the original Grand Sumo products.

5. There should be only ONE web address on the bottle which shows:

Please visit us at :

The imitation of Grand Sumo Red from China printed with web address of

6. Barcode for all the sizes are different.

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